On Display this Month

On the Art Wall  -- in the library's main floor Miron Fireside Room

Wisconsin Maps Through the Years - Historic Wisconsin maps will be on display during the month of March on the library’s art wall.  The maps, which are part of a collection owned and curated by Tom Sutter — a Fox Valley history enthusiast — date from 1703 to 1989 and illustrate  the history of the place that would come to be known as Wisconsin.  The 1703 map was drawn by a French man, Baron Lahontan, who explored this part of New France in 1688.  The 1989 map shows the vegetation cover of the state.  In between those two are early maps depicting the Northwest Territory—the lands north and west of the Ohio River, out of which would be carved the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and finally, Wisconsin.


In the glass case in the Lobby

Jennifer Krueger, owner and artist of Jenwin Creations, is exhibiting her work in the loby area glass case this month. Ms. Krueger is a Lawrence University graduate and specializes in watercolor and ink pet portraits

In the glass case in the Circulation Area

In the Foyer Case: Heather Annie Salvatore, owner and artist of Stormy Eye Design, brings her artwork made from reused or recycled materials. She uses recycled newspaper as a canvas board and frames saved from local thrift shops and locals in the community before the frames are thrown away and out into the landfill. Her passion is to raise awareness of endangered animals and protecting the planet. More information can be found on her blog at www.stormyeyedesign.blogspot.com.

Create your own acrylic recycled art piece with her on Saturdays, March 18 and March 25. During the acrylic art class, participants will create a recycled art giraffe. Duration: 9:00am to 12:00pm each session. Registration is limited. All the materials included. Registration is required; all the materials are provided. See details.

In the Menasha History Case

There is also a glass case from the original Elisha D. Smith Public Library on Mill Street tucked into the corner at the start of the large print and fiction collections.  The Menasha Historical Society presents artifacts from Menasha's strong history with baseball.

Would you like to show your art or display at the library?  Find out more.