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Ali, Ayaan Hirsi -- Prey
Bowen, Rhys -- The last Mrs. Summers 
Brockovich, Erin -- Superman's not coming
Brown, Sandra -- Thick as thieves          large print          audiobook  
Chopra, Deepak -- Total meditation
Coulter, Catherine -- Deadlock          audiobook
Dickey, Colin -- The unidentified: mythical monsters, alien encounters, and our obsession with the unexplained
Draper, Robert -- To start a war: how the Bush Administration took America into Iraq
Follett, Ken -- The evening and the morning          audiobook
Griffin, W.E.B. -- The attack         large print           audiobook
Hiaasen, Carl -- Squeeze me          large print  
Hamblin, James -- Clean: the new science of skin
Johansen, Iris -- Chaos           audiobook
Johnstone, William -- The wicked die twice
Kellerman, John -- Half moon bay          audiobook
Keys, Alicia -- More myself: a journey
Kinzler, Katherine -- How you say it: why you talk the way you do & what it says about you
Leerhsen, Charles -- Butch Cassidy: the true story of an American outlaw
Lippman, Laura -- My life as a villainess
MacDonald, Helen -- Vesper flights          audiobook
Macomber, Deborah -- A walk along the beach          large print          audiobook          Playaway 
Madison, Deborah -- An onion in my pocket
Mallery, Susan -- The friendship list          large print          audiobook
Meacham, Jon -- His truth is marching on
Murphy, Chris -- The violence inside us: a brief history of an ongoing American tragedy
Patterson, James -- Murder thy neighbor          large print          audiobook
Patterson, James -- The midwife murders          large print          audiobook 
Penny, Louise -- All the devils are here          audiobook
Picoult, Jodi -- The book of two ways          audiobook
Proffitt, Dennis -- Perception: how our bodies shape our minds
Steel, Danielle -- Royal          large print          audiobook 
Woods, Stuart -- Choppy water          large print          audiobook  
Zahn, Timothy -- Chaos rising          audiobook

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