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Use your library card to create a free account at  If you have any trouble with signing up, call 920.967.3680. 

Then click on Get A Tutor Now.  Access this service at home, at the library, wherever you are.

  • Tutors are available any day of the week between Noon and Midnight.
  • Tutors will help any in kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, and other adults.
  • Tutors are strictly screened and monitored; no personal information is exchanged.
  • Tutors will help out with math, science, or writing -- over 60 subjects.
  • Tutors who speak Spanish are available.
  • Tutors will help with learning English.
  • Text online with tutors, chat, or call their 800 number to speak to them directly.
  • Send a tutor your term paper to be edited for grammar.
  • Send a tutor your resume for a complete re-write.
  • Send a tutor your cover letter for a re-write.
  • includes self study tools.
  • Review past sessions with tutors later.
  • Did you and a tutor really click?  Request that one again.
  • Take practice quizzes & tests.
  • SAT, ACT test prep is available.