Available any day between noon and midnight.

Create a free account with your Menasha library card.

All you need is your library card to get started. 
(Most students were registered for a card during school visits to the library.  Call us if you need the number at 902.967.3680.)

Get real-time tutoring any day of the week between noon and midnight on more than 60 subjects, any grade level.
Need a computer?  Check out a chromebook and headphones to use at the library.  Ask at the Reference Desk.


Get help with college applications, financial aid forms.
AP test prep.
Tag your favorite tutors.
Review your past tutoring sessions.
Take practice quizzes.
Sessions are anonymous; no personal information is exchanged.
Spanish-speaking tutors are available.
Ask for SAT, ACT test prep.
Tutors are monitored.

Your Library Card
Never had a card?  Call us at 920.967.3680.  Tell us you need a library card to use
Lost your card?  Call us at 920.967.3680.  Tell us you need your number to use
Too many fines or lost materials?  Your card should work.  Call us at 920.967.3680 if it doesn't.