Today we will be viewing Dr. Strangelove. (©Columbia Pictures, Rated PG, 95mins, Comedy). 


A fanatical U.S. general launches a nuclear attack on Russia during the Cold War, but the President and his advisors are shocked to learn that the Russians have technology that will destroy the world in the event of an attack on them.


Welcome to a new era of Monday Matinees at the Elisha D. Smith public library! The 4th Monday will be devoted to a showing of a classic film. Join us each month for a new (old!) acclaimed Hollywood movie from the last 75 years-featuring the best comedies, suspense and drama, westerns, musicals and science fiction-fantasy films. Each film will have a brief, but informative, introduction to provide context and allow for a deeper appreciation of the film.


FREE Pizza, courtesy of Parker John's BBQ & Pizza! 

Monday, April 24, 2023 - 2:00pm