Ad Hoc Nominating Committee

Elisha D. Smith Public Library Board of Trustees

June 18, 2015

Call to order at 4:33pm by President Murray

Present: Crawmer, Murray and Wicihowski
Also present: Director Lenz and K. Dreyer (Administrative Assistant)

Establish Slate of Officers for the 2015-2016 Term
Nichols, Wicihowski, and Kaminski’s terms are up June 30, 2015, and Nick Kiley resigned.  The mayor and common council have re-appointed Wicihowski and appointed Jim Englebert and Melissa Rollins-Jump to three-year terms on the library board.

Kaminski has agreed to serve another one-year term as Teen Representative. 

The following slate of officers was agreed upon by the committee members and will be recommended for the board’s consideration at their July 16, 2016 meeting: 

Patrick Murray – President
Mary Crawmer – Vice-president
Kathy Wicihowski – Secretary

President Murray made the following appointments to the Library Board’s Standing Committees: 

Finance:  Chair Murray, Eisen, Golz, Englebert and VanderHeyden
Policies & Personnel: Chair Wicihowski, Crawmer and Rollins-Jump
Building & Grounds: Chair Murray, Wicihowski and Englebert
Investments:  Chair Murray, Golz and VanderHeyden
Fundraising:  Chair Crawmer, Wicihowski and Rollins-Jump
County Liaison: Eisen
Teen Representative: Kaminski

Lenz will send out a Doodle poll to schedule committee meetings. 

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:40pm by Wicihowski, seconded by Crawmer, and carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, Recording Secretary