October 6, 2015

Called to order at 1:00pm by Murray
Present:  Englebert, Murray and Wicihowski
Absent:   None      
Also Present: B. Haessly, Director Lenz and K. Dreyer (Administrative Assistant)

Public Comment/Communication
Wicihowski commented that the flower box constructed by Myron Construction looks nice.  A thank you card was sent to Myron.

Consent Business
Englebert moved, Wicihowski seconded to approve the Building and Grounds Committee minutes of December 15, 2014.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Discussion/Action Items
     1. Projectors and Screens for Gegan and Activity Meeting Rooms.
Currently, there is a screen mounted in the Company E Room and Children’s Story Room.  In order to put a screen ($200 each), ceiling mount plates ($160 each), projector setups ($620 each) and miscellaneous cables/materials ($100) in the Activity and Gegan Rooms, the total cost would be about $2,060.  Haessly would also like to correct the projector install in the Company E Room with another ceiling mount plate.  These rooms would have the same setup with identical Infocus WiFi ready projectors with wall screens and wall plate connections.  For an additional $450, we could purchase touch screen projectors.  Haessley suggested putting the projector currently in the Company E Room in the Gegan Room and putting the new projector in the Company E Room.  Motion made by Englebert to refer to the library board for approval spending $2,800 from the endowment’s meeting room fund to purchase 2 touch screen projectors, 3 ceiling mount plates, 2 screens and miscellaneous materials, seconded by Wicihowski.  Motion carried unanimously. 

     2. Study Rooms.
The library has one study room that is consistently being used for tutoring and proctoring exams.  In the future, we would like to add an additional 1-2 more study rooms either in front of or to the right of the current one.  Haessly is going to draw up a plan of options for future consideration. 

     3. Elevator.
The assembly needs to be repaired on the elevator.  This capital improvement is in next year’s budget ($25,000), and it is important to have this done as soon as possible.

     4. Statue.
Wicihowski knows an artist who may be able to create a metal statue for the planter. 

     5. Shelving Needs.
There is a need for more media shelving.  It is hard to see and read the CD’s on the current shelves.  Neenah has drawers that pull out.  Lenz is researching options for CD shelving, including contacting several vendors.

     6. Other improvements.
         • The library has 30 black stack chairs in the Company E Room.  There are some older metal chairs which have paint and stabilizers missing.  Custodian Dave Powell will be asked to sort through the older chairs to see if any can be refurbished and how many additional chairs the library may need.
         • Haessly is working with Omni Glass for quotes on skylights and light tubes.  He has also brought Wasmer Inc. through.
         • After ten years in operation, the security camera system needs significant improvement.  There is a capital request for this in the 2016 budget request so far.
         • Haessly looked into the HVAC control panel upgrade.  The cost would be about $5,000 to purchase a new desk top computer and software.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 1:40pm was made by Wicihowski and seconded by Englebert.   Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, recording secretary