February 9, 2016

Called to order at 4:04pm by Crawmer
Present:           Coopman, Crawmer and Wicihowski
Absent:            Rollins-Jump  
Also Present:  Director Lenz and K. Dreyer (Administrative Assistant)

Public Comment/Communication:  None

Action Items/Fundraising Efforts
A. Approval of Minutes:  Coopman moved, Wicihowski seconded to approve the Fundraising Committee minutes from January 19, 2016.  Motion carried unanimously.

B. Chili Cook-Off: 
    • We received sponsorship checks from Alliance Industries, Faith Technologies, Azco, Inc. and United Paper.
    • Posters were divided up among committee members so that they could be delivered to the chili donors to post on their bulletin boards or windows.
    • Chili donor confirmations (13) include:  5 O’Clock Somewhere, Best Western Premier Bridgewood Resort Hotel, Copps Food at Valley Fair, The Grog, High Cliff Restaurant, Mary’s Family Restaurant, Michiels Bar and Grill, Mihms Charcoal Grill, Neenah Menasha Fire Rescue, Riverwalk Hotel, Third Street Diner, Waverly Beach and Wendy’s.   
    • We have sold two tables:  Bits and Bytes and The Revival.   Third Street Market bought 5 tickets.  Wicihowski has sold 12 and Crawmer sold one. Tickets can be purchased at the Reference Desk.  We need to focus on ticket sales.
    • Rhodes Bake ‘n’ Serve donated bread for the event.  Piggly Wiggly will be donating oyster crackers.  Waverly can provide the cheese and sour cream.  We are still waiting to hear from Manderfields about providing cookies/dessert.  Otherwise, we could use the Costco gift certificates to get cookies and mints.
    • Menasha High School will be able to play at the event from 12:30 – 1:00pm.    Dreyer received a volunteer application from a student who also plays piano.  She could be asked to play at the event for volunteer hours.
    • The event is posted on the following event calendars:  American Towns, WBAY, WLUK, WAPL, WHBY, 91.9 FM and the Fox Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau.  The event has been promoted on the library’s website, Facebook page, Constant Contact and the monthly newsletter.  We received a grant from The Family 91.1 FM for radio spots. 
    • Chris VanderHeyden will be the MC.
    • Chris Klein is getting people to serve chili.  Wendy’s and the Neenah Menasha Fire Rescue will serve their own.  Marcia Erdman has a basket.
    • Wicihowski will make up the center pieces. 
    • Wicihowski will come to the library on Thursday, February 25 at 9:00am to help put baskets together.
    • The committee will communicate details via email rather than having another meeting before the event.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 4:55pm was made by Wicihowski and seconded by Coopman.   Motion carried unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, recording secretary