July 11, 2017


Public Comment/Communication:  None

Discussion/Action Items

  • The Board Governance Committee recommended the following objectives for the Marketing & Resource Development Committee:

           □   Assess and evaluate our current marketing/information sharing practices
           □   Identify our target audiences
           □  Create an information sharing/marketing plan to communicate with our target audiences and community at large to:

               -  Promote importance of library to community
               -  Highlight programs/activities etc.
               -  Inform of changes/challenges facing the library

          □  Develop a marketing budget for 2018
          □  Establish a potential donor list
          □  Identify specific needs for fundraising
          □  Create a fundraising plan

  • Our target audience is everyone, but it is a priority to reach potential users, which include:

          □  Parents
          □  Students
          □  Seniors
          □  Teens
          □  Preschoolers
          □  Spanish speakers
          □  Those with special needs
          □  Influential members of the community
          □  Underserved/low income members of the community
          □  Adults with children and without children

  • Director Lenz distributed a list of the methods used for marketing.
  • Suggested additions to our current marketing include:  Nature Pathways, Women Magazine, look into a marquee sign, partner with high school Decca club, event/newsletter sponsors, an annual mailing of Books & Beyond newsletter to all library card holders asking them to sign up to receive it monthly via email and including the newsletter with the City’s Horizon newsletter.
  • Purpose/objective of the committee is to let our target audience know what we offer, enhance the image of the library, communicate the value the library adds to the community, and increase use.
  • Staff is asked to review the current marketing program and identify what target groups each is reaching, what groups we are missing, other ways to reach people and how to market our strategic plan.
  • The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 12, at 4:30pm


Meeting adjourned at 5:08pm. 


Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Dreyer, recording secretary