Minutes of Regular Meeting

Elisha D. Smith Public Library Gegan Room
July 26, 2017

Call to order at 4:00pm by Chairman Englebert
Present:     Chairman Englebert, Trustee Franzoi, Vice Chairman Golz, Trustee Wicihowski and Trustee Witt
Absent:     Trustee Halverson and Superintendent of Schools VanderHeyden
Also Present:     Glen Genz, Director Lenz, Support Services Supervisor Brandt and Administrative Assistant Dreyer
Public Comment/Communication

Election of 2017-2018 Officers
The Governance Committee recommended the following slate of officers for the 2017/2018 term:  
     President:          Englebert
     Vice President:  Golz
     Secretary:         Wicihowski

No additional nominations were made from the floor. Franzoi moved, and Witt seconded to close nominations and elect the slate of officers as presented. Motion carried unanimously.  

Committee Appointments
Chairman Englebert made the following appointments to the Library Board’s Standing Committees:  
    Governance                                              Chair Englebert, Golz, Halverson, Wicihowski
    Finance/Investment                             Chair Golz, Englebert and VanderHeyden
    Policies & Personnel:                           Franzoi and VanderHeyden
    Building & Grounds:                             Franzoi and Witt
    Marketing & Resource Development:*    Co-Chair Englebert, Co-Chair Witt, Halverson, and Wicihowski

Appoint 2017-2018 Teen Representative
Director Lenz recommended Glen Genz, junior at Menasha High School, to be our new teen representative.  Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Wicihowski to appoint Glen Genz, as our new teen representative.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Appointment of Ad Hoc Trustee
Chairman Englebert appointed Faith Technologies Vice President of Talent Jill Hermans to the board as an ad hoc member; he also appointed her to the Marketing & Resource Development Committee.*

Consent Business
Motion made by Franzoi, seconded by Golz, to approve the Library Board meeting minutes from June 28, 2017.  Motion carried unanimously.

Authorization of Bills
Motion made by Golz, seconded by Franzoi, to authorize payment of the July 2017 bills as presented from the 2017 budget.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Director’s Report/Information Items

1.    June/Year to Date Statistics.  The year to date circulation of adult materials is about the same as last year.  Circulation of teen materials is down 7.6%, but increased by 10.7% over June 2016.  Total circulation, which includes digital circulation, is down 4.2% but June’s increased by 3.9%.  Attendance at library programs increased by 11.1% for the month.  

2.    Budget Status.  Trustees reviewed the 2017 budget status.  About 53.2% of the budget has been spent and 52.9% of the year has passed.  

3.    Endowment Report. Trustees reviewed the year to date endowment report.

4.    Staff Reports.
       ·    City Attorney Pamela Captain suggested amending Title 2, Chapter 4, SEC 2-4-2(a)(6) of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Menasha, Wisconsin to read:
                 Members shall be residents of the City, except that not more than two (2) members may be residents of (towns adjacent to the City) other municipalities.  
            It was suggested that we clarify that these members are the six trustees are appointed by the Mayor of Menasha/City of Menasha Common Council, with the Menasha Superintendent of Schools or his/her appointee serving as a seventh trustee. Englebert said that this amendment will be on the agenda as an action item at our next meeting.  
       ·    The half-time librarian position has been posted on NeoGov and closes on Friday, July 28.
       ·    Lenz spoke with City Attorney Captain about the reimbursement request to Calumet County for services provided to rural residents.  An ad hoc committee of the Calumet County Board will be discussing this request at a meeting on August 14.
       ·    Lenz distributed the Elisha D. Smith Public Library 2017 Annual Report, monthly Books and Beyond newsletter, and WALS report.  
       ·    We are looking into alternatives for Hotspots.  It was suggested that we create a survey of those who use Hotspots, asking if there is another source of Internet to the user and how they are being used.  
       ·    The Finance/Investment Committee will be meeting to discuss how to allocate the distribution from the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, transfers from the Memorial Trust Funds, and next year’s library budget.
       ·    Children’s Supervisor Kathy Beson submitted a report to the board indicating that there are 826 children signed up for the Summer Reading Program which is a 5% increase from last year.  
       ·    Winnefox may be able to identify the age of our users but advised us that the numbers are not reliable since parents use their child’s card to check out if their own cards are blocked and they use their cards to check out their children’s materials.  The best indication of library use by age is by collection checked out – of the 401,344 physical materials checked out in 2016, 168,274 were children’s materials or 42%.  Statistics indicate that 43% of our ebook readers are adults, 40% teen and 17% are children.  
       ·    Winnefox has distributed their charges for 2018 WALS fees and Overdrive participation.
       ·    Public library trustees received a memo from State Superintendent Tony Evers entitled, “What does it mean to be inclusive?”

Discussion /Action Items

5.    Marketing and Resource Development Committee Report. Trustees reviewed the July 11, 2017 meeting minutes.  
6.    Dates and Times of Meetings.  Consensus was to continue to hold board meetings on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 4:00pm.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:56pm by Franzoi, seconded by Wicihowski.  Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, recording Secretary