December 17, 2009
Call to order at 4:02 p.m. by President Enos
Present: Carlson, Eisen, Enos, Nebel, Wicihowski, Wisneski
Absent: Derouin, Werley
Also present: Director Saecker, J. Bongers (Head of Adult & Technical Services), K. Seefeldt (Administrative Assistant)
Authorization of Bills
Questions from Eisen pertaining to the invoice from Unique Management Services were addressed.
1.      Motion to authorize payment of the December list of bills from the 2009 budget by Eisen, seconded by Wisneski, and carried unanimously.
Consent Business
2.      Approve minutes from the Library Board meeting of November 19, 2009.
Accept minutes of Policies & Personnel Committee meeting of December 4, 2009.
Motion to approve minutes from the Library Board meeting of November 19, 2009 as presented by Eisen seconded by Carlson, and carried unanimously.
Motion to accept the minutes of the Policies & Personnel Committee meeting of December 4, 2009 by Eisen, seconded by Wisneski, and carried unanimously.
Joe Bongers entered the meeting at 4:10 p.m.
Director’s Report/Information Items
3.      Statistics. Lending exceeded our expectations once again, with an 11.8% increase overall. Adult circulation was up 16% from December 2008 and up 11.8% for Children’s. Director Saecker tracks lending increases and annually adjusts spending in those areas based on usage. Self check continues to do well. We have already exceeded our year-end goal of 30% usage. Eisen noted the cost savings that is a result of this service.
4.      Food for Fines. Food for Fines, held in conjunction with Neenah Public Library in November, was the most successful ever. This annual event gives patrons the opportunity to pay off fines by making donations to a local food bank. This year, we received more food than ever before and forgave $2453.03 in fines.
5.      Boiler Maintenance. We have experienced issues with the boiler’s expansion tank. The boiler system had not been replaced when the building was renovated. A leak somewhere in the system caused problems. We had to have the tank completely drained and cleaned at a cost of approximately $1250. This falls within the amount budgeted for the year for building maintenance.
6.      Neon Sign. We are exploring the option of installing a neon open/closed message sign which would be displayed on the Racine Street side of the building. Once we have general pricing information, the Building and Grounds Committee will meet to review options.
7.      Christmas Giving at the Library. Library staff members participated in the Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade’s Christmas Giving Program, adopting a family that included three small children. Staff also collected new and gently used books for the Brigade’s Give a Kid a Book project. These books go to children in the Adopt-A-Family Program who do not get adopted.
8.      Rolling Over Funds.   Director Saecker recommended the Board consider using these funds to purchase a pair of machines for the Circulation Desk that would eliminate one step of the check-out process. This would be beneficial in helping to alleviate problems caused by repetitive motion when desensitizing library materials as they are checked out. Each machine costs $10,000. Director Saecker recommended waiting until we can confirm the amount that will be rolled over before the Board decides where to designate these funds.
Motion to adjourn into closed executive session pursuant to WI Statute 19.85(1)(c) for the purpose of considering promotion, compensation or performance evaluation of employees on a roll call vote with 6 members voting in favor and none opposed. Motion passed.
Joe Bongers left the meeting at 4:20 p.m.
Discussion/Action Items
9.      Approval of Step Promotions. Director Saecker recommended that the following employees receive step promotions:
·        Kathy Beson, Librarian III Supervisor, step 8 to 9
·        Joe Bongers, Librarian III Supervisor, step 7 to 8
·        Pattie Stanislawski, Librarian III, step 8 to 9
·        Vanessa Taylir, Librarian III, step base to 2
Motion to approve employee salary step promotions as presented by Carlson, seconded by Wicihowski, and carried unanimously.
10.   Performance Recognition Steps. Director Saecker recommended the following employees for performance recognition steps:
·        Kathy Hannah, Librarian III, step 11 to 12
·        Julie Wing, Librarian Assistant II, step 10 to 11
Motion to approve staff performance recognition steps advancements as presented by Eisen, seconded by Wisneski, and carried unanimously.
Kris Seefeldt left the meeting at 4:28 p.m.
11. Direction Evaluation and Pay Rate for 2010.
a.)    Library Board members met with Director Saecker to discuss her annual review.
Director Saecker left the meeting at 4:55 p.m.
b.)    Pay Rate. Board members discussed an annual pay rate increase for the Director, acknowledging her wish to receive a pay increase no greater than the library’s employees.
Motion to approve a 2.5% pay rate increase for Director Saecker effective January 1, 2010 by Eisen, seconded by Carlson. Five members voted in favor and one opposed. Motion carried
Motion to adjourn the closed session and reconvene in open session by a roll call vote with 6 voting in favor and none opposed. Motion passed.
Director Saecker and Kris Seefeldt returned to the meeting at 5:22 p.m.
12. Trustee Essentials #13. Nebel reviewed Trustee Essential #13 “Library Advocacy” which addresses their responsibility to act as advocates for the library. Advocacy should be viewed as an on-going commitment to support library issues in a wide range of ways. Nebel proposed that the trustees create a Marketing Committee whose responsibilities would include setting advocacy goals for the library. Carlson noted that marketing the library was the responsibility of the Director.
13. Carlson volunteered to review Trustee Essential #14 “The Library Board and the Open Meetings Law” at their next meeting.
14. Wicihowski complimented Building Supervisor Adam Alix and the city crew for doing a great job decorating the library’s outdoor Christmas tree.
15. Eisen asked if the library had to close for the recent snow storm. Director Saecker confirmed that we did have a one day closing.
Motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:30 p.m. by Carlson, seconded by Wicihowski, and carried unanimously.
Future meeting dates
The next regular board meeting will be held in the Gegan Room on Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 4:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Paul Eisen, Secretary
Kris Seefeldt, Recording Secretary