May 20, 2010


Call to order at 4:08 p.m. by President Enos

Present: Eisen, Enos, Nebel, Werley, Wicihowski, Wisneski

Absent: Carlson, Derouin

Also present: Director Saecker, K. Seefeldt (Administrative Assistant), C. Brandt (Head of Circulation Services), K. Beson (Head of Children’s Services)


Public Comment

Representatives from Willems Marketing were invited to attend today’s meeting to discuss marketing in terms of fundraising for the library. When they did not arrive at the designated time, Director Saecker suggested we proceed with the meeting.


Authorization of Bills


Motion to authorize payment of the May bills from the 2010 budget by Wisneski, seconded by Nebel and carried unanimously.


Consent Business


Approve minutes from the Library Board meeting of April 15, 2010.


Accept minutes of the Investment Committee meeting of April 22, 2010.


Accept minutes of the Finance Committee meeting of April 26, 2010.


Sue Werley arrived at 4:10 p.m.


A typographical error in the minutes of the Investment Committee meeting was noted and will be corrected.


Motion to approve the minutes of the Library Board meeting of April 15, 2010 as presented and accept the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting of April 26 and Investment Committee meeting of April 22 as amended by Nebel, seconded by Wicihowski, and carried unanimously.


Director’s Report/Information Items


Statistics.  April lending was down 1.5% overall from last year. Adult Department lending was down 4.1%, while Children’s Department lending was up 1.9%.  Director Saecker reminded the board in April 2008 we had an overall increase of 22.7%.  We continue to focus on sustaining this high level of lending.


Library Budget Process. In response to a request from the Board, Director Saecker distributed an outline of the budget process.


Fox Cities Book Festival. The Fox Cities Book Festival was a tremendous success again this year.  Events held at our library were well attended.  Over 300 children from local schools attended a presentation by author/illustrator Daniel San Souci.


Board Member Terms. Paul Eisen, Jill Enos and Sue Werley expressed an interest in continuing to serve on the library board.  Director Saecker will notify Mayor Merkes and County Executive Harris of this.


1000 Books Before Kindergarten.  Kathy Beson, Head of Children’s Services, reported on the continuing success of the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.  Werley recommended that we distribute information about the program when the public school system screens all 3-year old children. Werley also noted interest in the demographics of the families that have enrolled to date.


Hip-Hip Hooray!  The Children’s and Circulation Departments plan to give special stickers to all children who receive their first library card. 


Net Lender Payment.  This year we will receive a net lending payment of $1488.08.  The funds will be placed in our technology fund at Winnefox.  Director Saecker noted this may be the last year we will receive these funds.  Werley recommended that we keep a record of all unanticipated income.


Keynote.  Director Saecker will be the keynote speaker for the annual Support Staff Section Professional Development Conference scheduled to be held in Appleton on May 26.


Discussion/Action Items


Library CD Investments.  The Investment Committee recommended that the library continue investing in CDs at First National Bank.


Motion to approve the Investment Committee’s recommendation to keep Endowment CDs with First National Bank by Nebel, seconded by Wisneski, and carried unanimously.


Kathy Beson left the meeting at 4:30 p.m.



County Board Appointment.  Wisconsin Statutes determine the number of trustees that a county may appoint to local library boards. Menasha’s library board currently has one county representative. Based on municipal and county funding for 2009, we are allowed to have two. All library boards in the county entitled to have more than one county representative currently have just one at most. The pros and cons of adding a second county representative to our board were discussed.  Eisen noted that adding an additional member may broaden the base of community representation. There was a consensus to request that the County Executive add an additional county representative to our library board.  The board will discuss the framework of that request at a future meeting.


Motion to forward a request to the County Executive to appoint a northern Winnebago County resident as a member of Menasha’s Library Board of Trustees within three months by Nebel, seconded by Wisneski, and carried unanimously.


Marketing/Fundraising Committees.  At the April 26 Finance Committee meeting, members discussed creating a marketing committee in the context of fundraising.  Werley noted there is a difference between fundraising and fund development.  In her opinion, we should create a plan that identifies what projects the library needs financial support for and then seek funding for them. Development of a marketing plan was discussed.  Director Saecker expressed concern that this plan would conflict with our existing Long Range Plan.  Cate Brandt, Head of Circulation Services, stated that library employees invest time in marketing our services and programs as part of their daily duties and that our existing marketing efforts, which are extensive, are routinely changed or updated using new technologies.  Nebel stated that a marketing plan designed to share the history of the library needs to be in place before attempting to fundraise.  There was a consensus to table this topic until the board has heard the presentation by Willems Marketing representatives.  Director Saecker will arrange for them to attend the board’s June meeting.


Sue Werley left the meeting at 5:17 p.m.



Trustee Essentials #17.  Gary Wisneski summarized Trustee Essential #17 Membership in the Library System. 


Kathy Wicihowski left the meeting at 5:20 p.m.



Paul Eisen volunteered to review Trustee Essential #18 Library Board Appointments and Composition at the June meeting.



Motion to adjourn the meeting at 5:26 p.m. by Nebel, seconded by Wisneski and carried unanimously.


Future meeting dates

The next regular board meeting will be held in the Gegan Room on Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 4:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Eisen, Secretary

Kris Seefeldt, Recording Secretary