August 1, 2018

Called to order at 9:20pm by Chairman Schwerbel
Present:        Franzoi, Golz and Schwerbel
Also Present:    Deputy Director of Public Works Alix (at 9:28am), Master Electrician and Facilities Technician Haessly, Director Lenz and Business Manager Dreyer

Public Comment/Communication: None

Consent Business
Franzoi moved, Golz seconded to approve the meeting minutes of August 17, 2017. The motion was unanimously approved.

Capital Improvement Projects
Status of 2018 capital projects:
     ·    LED interior conversion, high ceiling pendants & can lights – completed
     ·    Elevator – completed, still negotiating final bill
     ·    Flag pole light – will install on top of building to light flag  $300
     ·    Parking lot improvements - will be working on soon  $5,000
     ·    Study room addition – will be working on soon   $11,000
     ·    Security camera system – later this year  $8,000
     ·    Chiller – completed $5,000, but concerns remain.  Adam is working on contacting Carrier, the manufacturer of the compressors, which should be operating as alternate compressors.  For years, one compressor has done all the work due to the failure of the other.  
          -    May require as much as $26,000 in 2018 emergency funds to replace alternate compressor**

2019 Needs
     ·    Compressor – see above**, may be a 2019 project instead
     ·    Parking lot -- replace existing asphalt – about $26,000
     ·    Meeting room tables and chairs – about $15,000
     ·    Library sign above entrance - $7,000
     ·    Company E Audio/Video Upgrade - $17,500
     ·    Shelving units $20,000
     ·    Office chairs $6,000

Future Needs
     ·    LED interior conversion (youth department, low ceiling lights, reference, circulation) $5,000
     ·    Carpet replacement $40,000 (north of concourse area, reference, teen zone, children’s room)
     ·    Carpet replacement $40,000 (south of concourse area)
     ·    Boiler replacement when necessary $95,000
     ·    Re-wiring for a new phone system when planned $15,000

Other Building Needs (operating expenditures)
     ·    Mulch all around the library
     ·    Maple tree for north end of the parking lot
     ·    Re-upholstery

Alix will update parking lot replacement quote and get in touch with ACC Planned Service to have Carrier come to the library to test compressor B to see if it can be fixed or if it needs replacing.  It was suggested that we find out the life expectancy of compressor A since it has been doing all the work for years.  A deadline will be established for the Carrier personnel to inspect and conclude what our options are regarding compressor B.  If that deadline is not met we will select another service provider for its replacement or major overhaul.

CIP’s must be submitted to John Jacobs, City of Menasha Administrative Services Director, by Monday, August 13 since CIP workshops are scheduled for the week of August 13 and 20.  

Schwerbel and Lenz will put the numbers together once received by Alix and schedule a meeting of the Building and Grounds Committee on Wednesday, August 8, at 4:00pm to recommend to the Board of Trustees a capital improvement budget for 2019.  A Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees will be scheduled immediately following the meeting of the Building and Grounds Committee to consider the recommendation of the Building and Grounds Committee.

Franzoi left the meeting at 10:05am.

Golz moved to adjourn, seconded by Schwerbel at 10:08am.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Dreyer, recording secretary