Here are some guidelines for staying safe:

  1. Be sure that your parent knows where you are at all times.
  2. Never go to the mall, movie theater, bowling alley, park, or school ground alone.
  3. Try not to walk to or from school or extracurricular activities alone.
  4. Have a code word that your friends or parents know.   For example, saying “I’m fine” means “Not okay! I need help!”  Or use the percentage sign or some unique symbol that will allow you to text one quick symbol to tell someone you  are in trouble.
  5. Have specific and periodic checkin times with your parent.
  6. Never believe anyone you don't know in a text or an email.
  7. Never go to a party without a parent present at all times.
  8. Never leave any drink, even water, unattended at any party or event.