Please Note:  This month's meeting is at at Watter Farms in Neenah.

This program is hosted by the Fox Valley Memory Project. Memory Cafés welcome those experiencing early-stage dementia, mild memory loss, or cognitive impairment as well as family and friends of those affected.

This is a great opportunity for lively discussions, information gathering, refreshments, camaraderie, and lots of creative fun!  Call Brianna at 920.225.1711 for more information.  Or visit their website. 

Today's topic: Meet at Watter Farms 2015 County Rd II, Neenah - Spring into learning at Watter Farms! Come with us to WatterFarms in Neenah where we will get to explore and learn about many different plants. After taking in all the wonderful smells, textures, and plant life, we will get to createour own plantingto take homebecause spring is finally here.

All programs at the Elisha D. Smith Public Library are free and for everyone.  Those with special needs are encouraged to call the library office at 920.967.3662 within 24 hours of an event to assure that specific needs with regards to parking, building and meeting room accessibility are met.  

Todos los programas de la Biblioteca Elisha D. Smith son gratuitos y para todos. Aquellos con necesidades especiales pueden llamar a la oficina de la biblioteca 920.967.3662 con 24 horas de anticipación a un evento para asegurar que las necesidades específicas  de parqueo, acceso al edificio o acceso a las salas de reunión puedan ser satisfechas.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 1:30pm