October 8, 2019

Called to order at 8:45am by Chairman Schwerbel
Present:        Schwerbel, Franzoi, Golz and Turner (via phone)
Not present:        None
Also Present:    Mayor Merkes, Master Electrician and Facilities Technician Haessly, Public Works Director Alix, Library Director Lenz

Public Comment/Communication:  None

Consent Business
Golz moved, Franzoi seconded to approve the meeting minutes of September 10, 2019, as presented. The motion was unanimously approved.

Discussion/Action Items
     1.    Facility Plan:  Committee members discussed the future of the library building with Mayor Merkes.  It was agreed that it is important to develop a comprehensive plan for the library in five years and longer to meet the needs of everyone in our community.  It is assumed that the library will remain where it is, will probably be large enough, and will be re-purposed to fit the community’s needs.  Parking is a concern.  The mayor has not as yet decided if funding for this planning process will be in the library’s 2020 capital or operating budget.  Franzoi asked if it would be OK for him to contact the Margaret Sullivan Design Studio for advice on developing this plan. The firm has experience designing civic spaces, specifically libraries; Franzoi offered to meet with her when he is in New York next week.  Consensus was that the committee endorsed such a meeting.   

[Turner left the meeting.]

     2.    Contract with AAC for building maintenance:  While committee members understand that Public Works is responsible for determining the best contract for city building maintenance and arranges to have all work done, they would like to be apprised of extraordinary expenditures.

     3.    Path forward:  The mayor asked to be invited to the committee’s next meeting. The goal is to have a facility plan approved by the library board next year, with a budget.

Golz moved to adjourn, seconded by Franzoi at 10:00am.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Vicki Lenz, recording secretary