The Elisha D. Smith Public Library Board of Trustees voted to make the library fine-free beginning June 1, 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Fine-Free means that the library will no longer charge overdue fines for most* library materials that are or are returned late.

All fines will be gone?

  • Late fees charged here at the Menasha library will be gone. And you won’t be charged for past fines.
  • You will still be billed for damaged materials or items you don’t return.
  • If you use another library, that library’s rules apply-- you may be charged overdue fines.
  • *We will still charge fines for interlibrary loans ($1/day) as well as Rokus, WiFi Hotspots, and projectors ($5/day).  These will accumulate to a maximum of $50.

Will there still be fines for damaged items?
Yes, we will still charge for damaged items.
Just like before, if you accidentally tore, broke, scribbled on, or soaked an item, we will charge a fee.
We will charge a small repair fee or the full replacement price for an item that is too damaged to use.
Past lost item/damage charges on accounts will not go away.

Does this mean anyone can keep a library item forever?
No.  You will be billed for library materials that you keep too long. Those charges will prevent you from using your library card to check out anything else.

Will you still charge for copying, printing, and faxing?  Yes.

What about the $10 rule?
This rule still stands. Once a patron reaches $10 or more in charges on their library account, they may not use their card to check out or use a library computer without paying something down on their account.

What about items I check out from other libraries?
If you put a hold on a title that comes from another library, and it is checked out at the Elisha D. Smith library, you will not be charged fines.
If you use your Elisha D. Smith Public Library card at a different Winnefox library, you will be charged fines for overdue items, according to their policies and rates. We can’t waive their fines.

Can I get a refund for fines I’ve paid in the past?  No.