This year's Fox Cities Book Festival is completely online.

The festival kicks off with 2020 NEW Big Read: Fox Cities Reads author -- Kao Kalia Yang -- postponed from April.  Ms. Yang’s The Latehomecomer was the perfect book for us to read as a communtiy altogether. She is also the author of The Song Poet and the children’s picture book A Map into the World. Kao Kalia Yang is a Hmong-American. Her story is a moving and inspirational tale. Find links to interviews and more.

The schedule below is subject to change. The festival website has event updates, festival author information, news, schedule updates, and much more. The website also has the links required to join the events on your device or smartphone. And it explains how to donate to the festival.

Sunday, October 11
  6:00     NEA Big Read:2020 Fox Cities Reads Author Kao Kalia Yang

Monday, October 12
  9:00     Johanna Garton — Edge of the Map (nonfiction)
10:30     Amy Engel — The Familiar Dark (mystery)
12:00     Gary Jones — Ridge Stories (nonfiction)
  1:30     Anne Basting —  Creative Care (nonfiction)
  3:00     Andrea Bartz — The Herd (thrillers)         
  4:30     Shawn Brook Williams — Poor Decisions: Mostly True Hunting & Fishing Stories (illustrator) and Five Pounds & Screaming (graphic)
  6:00 Baptiste Paul — The Field (children’s picture books, nonfiction)
  7:30 Steve Hannah — Dairylandia (Wisconsin nonfiction)

Tuesday, October 13
  9:30 Tall Poppy Event for writers with Weina Dai Randel (The Moon in the Palace), Amy Reichert (The Coincidence of Coconut Cake), Heather Webb (Meet Me in Monaco), and Hank Phillippi Ryan (First to Lie)
10:30 Sarah Read — Out of Water (young adult horror)
 noon Charles Hagner — American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Wisconsin (nonfiction)
  1:30 Jaime Jo Wright — The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus (suspense)
  3:00 Justina Ireland — Deathless Divide (young adult)
  4:30 Allen Eskens — Nothing More Dangerous (mystery)
  6:30 Sonali Dev — Recipe for Persuasion (romantic comedy fiction)
  8:00 Short Story Night with Richie Zaborowske, discussion leader

Wednesday, October 14
  9:30 Kathy Buchen — Marriage is Murder: The Door County Special (ninth in the Rhiannon Nolan cozy mystery series) and Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned (mysteries)
11:00 Lesley Kagen — Every Now and Then (fiction)
12:30 Gregory Lee Renz — Beneath the Flames (fiction)
  2:00 R. Richard Wagner — Coming Out, Moving Forward (nonfiction)
  4:00 Liza Wiemer — The Assignment (young adult)
  5:30 Emily Carpenter — Reviving the Hawthorn Sisters and Until the Day I Die (suspense)
  7:00 Cole Nagamatsu — We Were Restless Things (fantasy)
  8:00 Thriller Writers Panel with Andrea Bartz (The Herd), Jennifer Hillier (Little Secrets), and E.A. Aymar (They're Gone)

Thursday, October 15
  9:30 Stephanie Feuerstein — The Monarch's Gift: A Journey Through the Life of a Monarch (children’s nonfiction picture book)
11:00 Jerry Apps — When the White Pine Was King (Wisconsin nonfiction)
12:30 Robert Silbernagel — The Cadottes: A Fur Trade Family on Lake Superior (Wisconsin nonfiction)
  2:00 Gavin Schmitt — Murder and Mayhem (Wisconsin nonfiction)
  4:00     Nicole Kronzer — Unscripted (young adult)
  5:00     Christina Clancy — The Second Home (fiction)
  6:30     E.G. Scott — In Case of Emergency (fiction)
  8:00     Women in Writing Panel with Roselle Lim (Vanessa Yu's Magical Paris Tea Shop), Jeni McFarland (The House of Deep Water), Kalynn Bayron (Cinderella is Dead), and Lora Hyler (Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imaginations Run Free)

Friday, October 16
10:00     Claire Swinarski — What Happens Next (children’s fiction)
  1:00 John Galligan — Dead Man Dancing (second in mystery series)
  3:00 Roselle Lim — Vanessa Yu's Magical Paris Tea Shop (fiction)
  4:30 Tiffany D. Jackson — Grown (young adult)
  6:30 Michael Zapata  — The Lost Book of Adana Moreau (fiction)
  8:00 Debut Authors Panel with Christina Clancy (The Second Home), Laura Jamison (All the Right Mistakes), Jeni McFarland (The House of Deep Water), and Gregory Lee Renz (Beneath the Flames)

Saturday, October 17
  9:00 Picture Book Panel with Jill Esbaum (We Love Babies), Lori Degman (Travel Guide for Monsters), and Baptiste Paul (The Field)
10:15 Michael Zapata (about small press) — The Lost Book of Adana Moreau (fiction)
11:30 Teen Panel with Lori M. Lee (Forest of Souls), Nicole Kronzer (Unscripted), Justina Ireland (Deathless Divide), and Kalynn Bayron (Cinderella is Dead)
  1:00 Matt Forbeck — Minecraft Dungeons: The Rise of the Arch-Illager and Shotguns & Sorcery: The Roleplaying Game
  2:00 Poetry Event with Ruth Awad (Set to Music a Wildfire), Abaymoi to Animashaun (Sailing to Ithaca), Matthew Graham (The Geography of Home), Leota Ester (Crossing: A Caregiver's Journey), and Cathryn Cofell (Stick Figure with Skirt)
  2:30 Joy Ribdar — Deep Bitter Roots (mystery)
  4:00 Judy DuCharme — Lainey of the Door Islands (fiction)
  5:15 Cadwell Turnbull — The Lesson (science fiction)
  6:15 Stephen Graham Jones — The Only Good Indians (fiction)
  7:30 Jeni McFarland — The House of Deep Water (fiction)

Sunday, October 18
  9:00 Jen Waite — Survival Instincts (fiction), A Beautiful, Terrible Thing (memoir )
10:30 Natalie Frank — When Sea Becomes Cemetery (young adult)
 noon Lora L. Hyler — Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imaginations Run Free (a COVID story for children)
 1:30 Luke Geddes — Heart of Junk (mystery)
  3:00 r. r. campbell — Imminent Dawn, Mourning Dove (science fiction)
  4:30 Janie Chang — The Library of Legends (historical fiction)
  6:00 Christopher "Tuffer" Kunz — Doing Time, Letting Go, Struggling Readers, Missing Pieces (fiction, science fiction, essays)

Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 9:00am