Información de Votación​

When do we vote?
Tuesday, August 11, 2020 -- Fall Primary 
Tuesday, November 3, 2020 -- some county, state, & federal offices, U.S. President & Vice President  

Where do I vote?
If you live in Winnebago County, find your polling place and county, state, and U.S. officials.  Enter your address in the search box.
You must reside at your place of residence at least 10 days to vote at your polling place.  If not, you may vote at your last polling place.
Find your polling place.

I have questions!
The website of the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission is a great resource.
Or contact your municipal clerk.
Here is a guide for voting.
Here is information on the presidential race.

Do I need an ID to vote?  Yes.
Photo ID information
More information

Can I get a Voter ID even if I don't have a birth certificate or any other paperwork?  Yes.
Here is the process.  This process will allow you to vote within 180 days only.
Where do I get a State ID Card or receipt?
         Go to a WI Dept. of Motor Vehicles service center.  
Is there anyone who will help me get a Voter ID?
Yes.  Call the ACLU's Voting Rights Project at 608.285.2141.  Someone local will help you out.  

Do I need to register to vote?
Only if you are not registered or changed your name or address.
Check here to see if you are registered to vote.
If you are not registered to vote, you may register at your polling place on election day.
You may now register online.  (Stipulations and deadlines apply.)

Do I have to go to the poll?  
During the current pandemic, it is advisable to vote by absentee ballot.  Request a ballot early; return it ahead of time.
Request an absentee ballot.
Members of the U.S. Military, as well as spouses and dependents of U.S. Military members, are eligible to receive an absentee ballot online until 5:00pm on Election Day.
Or complete an Absentee Ballot Request form and mail it to your clerk.
Click here to see how to use a smartphone to request an absenttee ballot.

Not around on Election Day?
Vote early.  No excuse is required.  Call your municipal clerk's office to find out how to vote early.  Early voting begins two weeks before election day and ends the Friday before election day. Or request an absentee ballot as soon as possible. (see above)

Who can vote?
If you are at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and have resided at your address for at least 10 days before election day, you have the right to vote. 
(If you have been convicted of a felony, you may not vote until the sentence, including probation, paraole, or extended supervision, has been served.)

How do I decide who to vote for?  Read this.

How do I find election results?
State election results
Winnebago County election results
Calumet County election results

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Who represents me now?  Here is a list.
Wisconsin District Maps
Wisconsin's Federal District Maps
State Senate Districts
State Assembly Districts